Smoke has intensified at Jubilee Pocket.
Smoke has intensified at Jubilee Pocket. Jessica Lamb

'Smoke quadrupled in size over the last two hours': Jubilee Pocket Resident

UPDATE 4.45pm:

As smoke continues to be generated for surrounding areas, the fire is still burning within inaccessible land and is posing no threat to property.

Fire Jubilee pocket
Taken 4.40pm Jacob Wilson

QFES is working with at least one land owner to conduct a fire break around their property, however at this stage it is precautionary.

Residents are asked to close windows and doors and if suffering from a respiratory condition, keep medications close by.

Motorists should drive with caution and to conditions.

If residents are concerned their property is under threat they are advised to call Triple Zero (000) immediately.



JUST days after a massive bushfire tore through Hydeaway Bay, a cloud of smoke is intensifying near a Jubilee Pocket resident's backyard.

Tamzine Mackay owns the eight acre property near Plantation Dr where the smoke is billowing and said it had "quadrupled in size over the last two hours” at around 1pm.

"Someone let off a flare... I was so surprised I nearly dropped my young baby when it soared over my house last night to land on the mountain,” she said.

A QFES crew is monitoring smoke which has intensified at Jubilee Pocket.
A QFES crew is monitoring smoke which has intensified at Jubilee Pocket. Jessica Lamb

She noted the flare went off at 7pm last night, but it has since developed and caught the attention of the Jubilee Pocket QFES crew who have been monitoring the situation since 10.20am today.

Firefighters are unable to access the area as smoke slowly moves down the hill, but there is yet to be any sign of flames.

Jubilee Pocket fire fighter Blake Broadwood said he couldn't confirm that a flare had caused the blaze.

"It is smoking a lot because of the eucalyptus and green trees, the fire is moving slowly and we are monitoring it,” he said.

"If it moves down the mountain or across we can co-ordinate with other fire crews.

"In conjunction with Operation Thum Nhoom, QFES are urging everyone to be vigilant for the upcoming bushfire season.”

At the moment the smoke presents no threat to the property.

People preparing for bush fire season are encouraged to maintain fire breaks, clear gutters and clear surrounding debris from properties.