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Springfield student fights off burglar during break-in

A STUDENT has given a terrifying account of how he fought with a burglar after discovering the intruder rifling through his mother's room.

Rohan Naidu said he'd just finished having a shower around 10am on Monday when he heard rustling in his mother's room in their Springfield home.

"I thought it was her working from home, but there were two young guys rummaging through her stuff. They'd already been through my room and they were in her room finding things to take like wallets and handbags," he said.

"One of them got really aggressive and intimidating and he got in my face. He lunged at me and went on the attack. There were punches and pushing and shoving. There was a bit of a scuffle between me and him, to get him out of the room."

"Once we were out of the room, he asked his friend - who'd come out of the other bathroom - for the knife. He said 'give me the knife, give me the knife'."

With the threat of a knife, Mr Naidu said he ran out the back door and into the yard.

"They jumped off the balcony and took my car and took our belongings with them," he said.

"I was just in a towel. It was all very quick."

Thieves stole a Springfield student's car after robbing his home.
Thieves stole a Springfield student's car after robbing his home.

Mr Naidu - a student who'll start flight school in January - later discovered the thieves had already ransacked his room by the time he found them, stealing watches, clothes, his car keys and his passport.

"I think they were around my age, 18-20, tall and slender. They were just in very casual clothes, one of them had a pair of gardening gloves on. If you saw them in public, you'd think they'd just been to the shops," he said.

Mr Naidu said the home was locked, but that police discovered the thieves had done a round of the house to find a spot to gain access.




"They eventually scaled the house and cut a hole in one of the upstairs windows, so they did have a knife," he said.

"It's shocking. The biggest thing is it was in my own house, where I live and work and study. You work so hard for things for years - I'd put a lot of work into my car - and to literally watch it be taken away from you in minutes."

Mr Naidu's Land Rover Discovery was found at Redbank Plains, but it hasn't been returned to him yet.

"The last I heard was police are still investigating," he said.

Anyone with information should contact police.