Squeezing the price on lemons

BUNDABERG shoppers have been left with a sour taste in their mouths forking out as much as $2 for one lemon.

But growers of the region say this figure is far from what they're pocketing and blame the price on the "middle man".

Megan McDonald of Redlea Citrus said growers were been affected by the floods earlier this year, frost in August and said lemons were now not in season.

"If we were getting $2 a lemon and they were Australian lemons - you'd have to say they deserve it," Ms McDonald said.

She said despite the conditions, $2 a lemon was "a hell of a mark-up".

Michael McMahon of Abbotsleigh Citrus was shocked.

"I wouldn't have thought they would be that dear," he said.

Mr McMahon said due to lemons being out of season retailers were looking to overseas markets.

"And at the moment they will need to come from the USA," he said.

"There's typically not many Australian lemons around this time of year."

Mr McMahon said despite the setbacks of flood and frost the price of lemons in season should not increase.

He said lemon prices from February to March should sit between $3.98 and $4.98 per kilogram.