Week three crushing results from Mackay Sugar.
Week three crushing results from Mackay Sugar. Caitlan Charles

Steady start to sugar crushing season

MACKAY Sugar growers have welcomed clear sky and crisp mornings as mills continue to progress toward full steam.

Racecourse Mill factory manager Mark Gayton said works completed in the maintenance season were now paying off, with operations mostly running smoothly.

This was despite stoppages to repair some unforeseen issues with the mill's number three boiler.

"We are just steadily ramping up and fixing up any of the usual teething problems which come with starting the mills up for crushing,” Mr Gayton said.

"Then, we have a planned maintenance day next week and after that we would expect to see the mill at its full crush rate.”

There has been good quality, clean cane and an on budget rate of PRS and cane purity.

"It's better than this time last year, and we might have expected to see some mud from wetter paddocks, but the cane has been really clean and the process end of the mill, in particular, is going well,” Mr Gayton said.

"Anyone in the industry will tell you there are always those teething problems, which arise, and we just deal with those as we come across them.

"It's not looking too bad at this stage.”

Week three statistics:

  • Farleigh: 68,334
  • Marian: 38,847
  • Racecourse: 22,559
  • Total Week 3: 129,740
  • Total YTD: 179,110
  • PRS Week 3: 10.99
  • PRS YTD: 10.87