TITLE BELT: Australian fighter Lucas
TITLE BELT: Australian fighter Lucas "Big Daddy” Browne celebrates his victory of Uzbekistan's Ruslan Chagaev in their WBA heavyweight title bout in Russia. Browne was stripped of his title shortly after. Musa Sadulayev

Drugged Up or 'Stitched Up' Big Daddy Browne's court battle

BOXING: Stripped WBA heavyweight champion Lucas "Big Daddy" Browne's manager, Sunshine Coast-based promoter Matt Clark, says his client was "stitched up" as he prepares to appeal a six-month drug ban from the sport in a United States court this week.

Earlier this year, Browne became Australia's first ever heavyweight champion of the world in an against-the-odds win against Ruslan Chagaev in Russia.

Browne was stripped of his title and banned from the sport for six months after providing positive samples to banned drug clenbuterol.

Clark said he and his fighter were "confident" of overturning the decision in court on Thursday.

"He (Lucas) is super positive," Clark told the Daily. "I asked how he was going recently and he said 'I can look my kids in the eye and honestly say I didn't do anything wrong'.

"He passed a random test four days before the weigh-in. Nobody cycles clenbuterol for four days, the effect is negligible. He won the fight fair and square and at the end of the day we're still fighting to clear his name."

The hearing is set down for Thursday in Tacoma, where Browne's lawyer Leon Margules will argue the WBA's ban was unjust.

Margules is well known in the sport and has also represented world-famous US rapper 50 Cent.

It's understood the Browne camp will fight the decision based on hair samples which revealed the fighter was clean days before the fight.

They will argue the drug had entered his system some time between his fight and the next drug test.

Members of the Sunshine Coast boxing community have said, off the record, they can't understand why a heavyweight like Browne would want to cut weight days out from a title fight.

One said "F*** me he's a heavyweight, why would he want to lose weight?"

Browne is still training with a view to either defending or reclaiming the belt once his ban ends later this year and last week joined the WBC's Clean Boxing Program.