Strange Politics: Are Glen Lazarus condoms a thing now?

LOATHE them or just thoroughly despise them, political ads are an inevitability with every election cycle.

This year, the good folks at the University of Melbourne decided to pay tribute to the "great tradition of bad acting, nationalistic jingles, oversimplified messages and words in capital letters over black and white pictures".

The inaugural Pogie Awards called on the public to vote for the "best worst ad of the election", and the results were as expected.

The Liberals' Fake Tradie took out the Gold Pogie, just edging out Bob Katter's misguided attempt at shoot-em-up humour in which he gunned down Liberal and Labor members just days after the Orlando shooting.

But one clever entry involving six independent and minor party senators and some condom wrappers must have just missed the voting deadline.

The video from left-leaning activist group GetUp! features the faces of senators Glenn Lazarus, Jacqui Lambie, Ricky Muir, Scott Ludlam, Nick Xenophon and Larissa Waters plastered on the wrappers of those most intimate of sheaths.

Just as an excited couple are about to get biblical, they opt to use protection in the form of a Glenn Lazarus-branded prophylactic - a metaphor for the need to keep "a diverse senate" to protect against bad government policy.

Mr Lazarus told Fairfax he had no prior warning of the ad's creation and "didn't think I'd ever be in a sex video with Jacqui Lambie".

Just one more sleep to go.

STRANGE POLITICS with Chris Calcino
STRANGE POLITICS with Chris Calcino