Operation Go Slow
Operation Go Slow

Terrible traffic history lands ex-serviceman with huge fine

AN EX-SERVICEMAN has been handed a whopping $2,600 fine for driving under the influence because he returned an ‘extremely high’ reading and had a history of similar offences.

On Monday, Proserpine Magistrates Court was told how David George Campman, 61, was stopped on Kunapipi Rd, Laguna Quays, for a random breath test.

Campman, from Lethebrook, returned a positive roadside reading, so he was taken to Proserpine Police Station for further analysis.

“The defendant was slurring his words and appeared sleepy,” Police Prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors said.

“He said he’d had seven to eight drinks. He returned a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .221.”

Magistrate Ron Muirhead said it was an extremely high reading, four times the legal limit.

“You have a history of similar offences,” Magistrate Muirhead said, noting previous BACs of .184, .168, .188, .193 and .175.

“It’s amazing that you keep driving your car with these high readings. Fines don’t have any effect and it could be at a point where the court has to consider a term of imprisonment because fines don’t work.”

Campman, who was self-represented, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and said he had acted inappropriately.

“My best man at my wedding committed suicide and I acted inappropriately,” he said.

“I am an ex-serviceman on a pension.”

Magistrate Muirhead said Campman’s traffic history was terrible but it had been quite good in the last seven years.

“It is an extremely high reading and your traffic history is not good - it’s terrible - prison could be considered.

“But I accept the reason you gave me.”

He fined Campman $2,600 with a conviction recorded and disqualified him from driving for two years.

“If you drive, you will be sentenced to prison, and it won’t be suspended,” he said.