The closure that has patrons up in arms


DISGRUNTLED Queensland punters have hit out at the closure of TABs across the state, arguing that many other businesses, such as bottle shops and shopping centres, are allowed to remain open.

Pubs, clubs, gyms and cinemas were among a list of venues locked down as of midday yesterday, as strict new measures were put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

With the closure of licensed venues, punters have been encouraged to use digital alternatives instead - such as betting apps.

"The health and safety of our people, our partners and the community are our priority at this point in time," Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough said.

"We are working with governments, regulators, and our venue and racing industry partners to manage the impact on them, our customers and our businesses during this unprecedented period.

"We recognise how difficult this situation is for our people, our industry partners and the community, and we are committed to using the strength of our business model and our enduring partnerships to come through this stronger, together.

"Despite the impact of these changes in licensed venues and, potentially, TAB agencies, we continue to offer customers Wagering & Media and Keno products through our digital channels."



Tabcorp said yesterday it was not in a position to provide an update on expected financial impacts.

For Lockyer Valley aged pensioner Vaughan Laurens, the closure of local hotels has created quite the predicament.

He admitted it's "not the be all and end all" but questioned why they had to close when many other places - such as shopping centres - remained opened.

"I live in the Lockyer Valley and there's no stand alone TAB in the Lockyer Valley," Laurens said.

"I'm 40km from the closest TAB in Ipswich but I'm not allowed to drive there because we've been told to stay at home.

"I'm a dinosaur. I can't use (online betting apps).

"It's not the be all and end all. What I'm trying to point out is, your local TAB is no different from your local garage or shopping centre."


Originally published as The closure that has patrons up in arms