Kara May Ferguson.
Kara May Ferguson.

The heartbreak that led to Bowen mum ramming ex’s car twice

A Bowen mother has a jail sentence hanging over her head after she rammed into her former partner's moving car then followed him to a driveway where she smashed into the vehicle a second time.

At Bowen Magistrates Court this week, Kara May Ferguson's lawyer explained the emotional reason his client repeatedly slammed into the man's car in November.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Sarah Rowe told the court Ferguson's former partner was driving with a woman in the passenger seat when his car drove towards Ferguson's at a Bowen intersection.

Ferguson did a U-turn to follow the pair and then rammed into the back of the car while they were driving on Woodlands Rd.


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Sen-Constable Rowe said Ferguson then steered onto the wrong side of the road to drive alongside the man before trying to run him off the road.

The man was scared and sped away.

But Ferguson kept following and when the man pulled into a driveway on Poole St, she rammed into his parked car.

The court heard the man's car then crashed into another parked car, which then hit a wire fence.

Sen-Constable Rowe said Ferguson's behaviour was excessive and put community members at risk.

Magistrate James Morton was handed a quote showing repairs to the damaged vehicle totalled $8228.91.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, which was labelled a domestic violence offence.

A Bowen woman was charged after ramming her ex-partner’s car twice. Photo: File
A Bowen woman was charged after ramming her ex-partner’s car twice. Photo: File

Lawyer Jake Burke, for Ferguson, told the court she had been in a long but poor relationship with the man, who was the father of her youngest child.

But the relationship is now over.

Mr Burke said Ferguson had sadly endured a miscarriage in early November and on the day of the ramming, she had been with her former partner to the grave of their unborn child where they shared an "emotional moment".

"She has later seen the man with another woman in the car and effectively she has snapped," Mr Burke said.

Mr Burke said Ferguson had already paid $260 towards repairing the damage, but she had limited ability to pay the total restitution.

Mr Burke told the court the 31-year-old Bowen woman was a single mother of three children and while the offence was serious, jail time should be the last resort.


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Mr Morton stressed to Ferguson the seriousness of her actions.

"You have used your car as a weapon," Mr Morton said.

"Not only once but on two occasions.

"You could have put other people's lives in danger."

When Mr Morton asked Ferguson if her car was still drivable, she told him it was not and she often relied on her sister for lifts.

"You have put your children's mobility in jeopardy as well," Mr Morton said.

Mr Morton said the offence warranted a more serious penalty than probation so a suspended jail sentence would help deter the woman but allow her to stay with her children.

Ferguson was sentenced to four months' jail and the term was immediately suspended for 18 months.

She was also disqualified from driving for nine months and no restitution was ordered because Mr Morton decided Ferguson was not in a position to pay.

The conviction was recorded.