Thumbs up, thumbs down
Thumbs up, thumbs down

THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: Your say on this week’s issues

EVERY week The Daily Examiner asks readers to share their thoughts on what made them happy and what got under their skin in the local community.

Here are the comments from Wednesday, July 29:

Kylie Swift: THUMBS UP to people who focus on what we have to be grateful for.

Debbie Johnson: Huge THUMBS UP to Sharon from Clarence Valley Funerals for her kindness and compassion in one of the saddest moments of our lives.

Christine Anne: THUMBS DOWN to the seven greedy councillors who voted themselves a pay rise, especially when emergency workers are having their wages frozen. We will remember you next election.

Amy Morgan: THUMBS DOWN to those CVC councillors that voted on giving themselves a 30 per cent pay rise.

Emily Fennessy: THUMBS DOWN to the people who let their dogs poo on the grass near schools and not pick it up! You realise there is a lot of people who walk on this grass every day and more than likely people or kids tread in your dog's poo.

Anita Gavel-Cribb: THUMBS UP to WIRES volunteers. You guys do the best job. Thanks to Kylee and the other lady that came out the other day to help a mumma kangaroo who had been hit by a car. I appreciate you.

Tom Porter: THUMBS UP to all the cafes and coffee shops who are bending over backwards to satisfy COVID rules and their customers.

Luke Pender: THUMBS DOWN to all the idiots breaking COVID rules and stuffing it up for everyone else.

Dot Myall: THUMBS UP to all the front line workers helping people through these tough times. Great job.

Tahlia Maddox-Stevens: Huge THUMBS UP to the amazing staff at Grafton Base hospital!

Charmaine Patricia Watters: A big THUMBS UP to Dr Margaret Kleinig and the lovely staff at Fresh Dental Grafton for your excellent treatment, compassion and kindness once again. You are all brilliant.

Kenneth Robertson: THUMBS UP to the ladies caring for my daughter Jennifer. She looks happy and healthy. Thank you.

Diane Pallapies: THUMBS DOWN to Grafton High School for the way they handle bullying in the school.

Kristine Booby: THUMBS DOWN to whoever took a parcel from my front door. It was a birthday gift from my daughter.

Phil P K Kennedy: THUMBS UP Thumbs up to cool colleagues who cover when you're crook.

Laurin Mcrae: Big fat THUMBS DOWN to the people who park in the pram parking at the shopping centre and don't have any children in the car with them (if they have any at all). I was there last week and four different cars parked while I was packing the car and no children. I know it is close to the doors and you may only have a few minutes, but the lady with the baby and two young children had to park her car and walk with her children through the car park because ignorant people (yes you know who you are) don't care about others.

No young kids = don't park there, simple.