IT WAS a question Tim Nicholls didn't want to answer but Karl Stefanovic was not going to let the Queensland Liberal National leader get off that easily.

Mr Nicholls has repeatedly refused to say if he would accept One Nation's support to form government in Queensland.

Polling shows Labor ahead in the Queensland election due to be decided on Saturday but the polls are really tight so preferences could be crucial to the result.

One Nation and Katter's Australia Party are confident they'll win at least eight seats, which all but guarantees a hung parliament.

Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has continually said her government will not do deals with One Nation, but it's speculated she may be forced to court the party's support.

Mr Nicholls has so far refused to rule out using One Nation MPs to help put him in power.

This morning Today host Stefanovic was determined to get a clear answer.

"Will you take One Nation preferences?" Stefanovic asked Mr Nicholls.

The LNP leader answered: "There are no good choices when it comes to preferences ... there's no deal, no coalition, no room at the Cabinet table".

But Stefanovic persisted, asking again and again: Will you take One Nation preferences?"

One Nation volunteers caught handing out LNP how to vote cards.
One Nation volunteers caught handing out LNP how to vote cards. contributed

Mr Nicholls tried to deflect saying: "Karl you are trying to wind me up ... I'm not going to fall for it, I am going to respect the will of the people of Queensland".

Stefanovic's response? ... "Will you take One Nation preferences?"

Mr Nicholls repeated: "As I have said we will deal with the Parliament that the people of Queensland elect".

Despite being asked the question repeatedly, Mr Nicholls refused to buckle.

"You haven't answered the question," Stefanovic said.

"How can you lead the party, how can you lead Queensland when you can't answer a basic question?"

Turning to Queensland leader of One Nation Steve Dickson, Stefanovic asked if there had been any secret talks with Labor or LNP leaders about preferences.

"Not at all," Mr Dickson said.

Mr Dickson said One Nation were keen to win as many seats as possible.

"We would love to win government. The reality is we will probably end up with the balance of power."