Little Creatures Extra Pale Ale.
Little Creatures Extra Pale Ale.

'Tis the season for this brew from Little Creatures

You can always depend on the brewers at Little Creatures to make trying a new beer interesting.

The regular reader may remember how impressed Hugh the Neighbour and I were with their two seasonal stouts some years ago - the Return of the Dread and the Hotchkiss Six. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the team has released an Extra Pale Ale in time for Christmas festivities.

Made with six varieties of hops, this is a beer that really packs a wallop but yet remains accessible for those who usually have as their beverage something more of the pilsner/lager/kolsch end of the brewing spectrum.

While it is very hoppy, it lacks the punch-in-the-face bitterness of some of the wilder IPAs from around the place, coming in a modest 30 on the IBU scale. Contrast that to a big IPA like the Feral War Hog IPA, which comes in at 70 IBU, and you understand why I say it is approachable.

It is a very clear golden colour in the glass, and you certainly get a nose full of fruit - citrus and passionfruit among others - and it does hold a white head even as your glass warms up in the hot weather.

It has a nice feel in the mouth, and HTN made the point that the taste doesn't linger so you don't feel the need to sip water between each mouthful.

At 4.9 per cent ABV it is a full-strength beer without having really high alcohol. In fact, that is the same boot as VB, not to be trifled with but not to be feared either.

This is a beer that would suit a Christmas celebration - inclusive enough for all to enjoy, however still delivers plenty for those who like a more complex beer.