Titanic theme fits perfectly with sinking 4WD video

VIDEO of a Land Cruiser rolling into off a barge and into the ocean near Fraser Island has been given the Titanic treatment - and it fits perfectly.

A New Year's holiday was ruined before it started for one driver, who watched their car and belongings slowly sink to the bottom of the Great Sandy Strait after it rolled off the back of a barge mid-transport.

The original video of the incident on the Moreton Crime Watch page shows the LandCruiser rolling off the back of the barge and into the sea to the amazed cries of other people on the barge.

In the video, a loud voice can be heard asking the passengers to "calm down" and "f**king chill out" as the vessel quickly moves away from the floating vehicle.

Now, it's been given the popular Titanic treatment, in which internet users add Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" to random videos.

Uploaded by Tyler Hood and shared by the Moreton Crime Watch, the video accumulated more than 32,000 views in its first week.