ADRIAN Young is an inspirational eight-year-old boy with a heart of gold.

After noticing a man sleeping rough on the streets of Toowoomba, eight-year-old Adrian decided that things had to change.

He started delivering care packages filled with every-day essentials to those in need in the city, speaking up at public events and giving food and encouragement to those who participated in the Homeless For a Week challenge earlier this year.

The sight of an eight-year-old schoolboy at Toowoomba Base Services was met with a fair amount of confusion initially.

"It was unusual to see an eight-year-old boy, particularly because he was in his uniform with his tie on and all that," Basement Soup Kitchen coordinator Nat Spary said.

Now, Adrian is embarking on his biggest endeavour yet.

Adrian Young wants to help the homeless of Toowoomba, Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
Adrian says homelessness is a big problem in Toowoomba. Kevin Farmer

The Toowoomba Anglican and Preparatory School student is hoping to build a house to home the city's homeless - having raised a whopping $13,150 already.

"It was sad looking at people and how they didn't really have homes," Adrian recalled of his first experience meeting someone sleeping rough.

"Homelessness is a huge (problem) and I reckon it needs to be fixed."

Adrian's GoFundMe page started off with humble ambitions.

A $1000 goal was set, but within weeks, he had surpassed that.

The total amount raised stood at $3150, before one donor shocked the Toowoomba schoolboy with an amazing donation.

Adrian Young is a boy on a mission to help Toowoomba's homeless.
Adrian's appearance at the Toowoomba Base Services shocked people at first. Contributed

Adrian received news a few weeks ago that a mystery contributor would be adding $10,000 to his charity arsenal.

His giving nature is not going unnoticed, with the Basement Soup Kitchen's Mr Spary full of praise for the chirpy youngster, who brings a smile that lights up wherever he goes.

"It is amazing because it really helps us and we are reliant on people like him," Mr Spary said.

"He is definitely a world-changer for us - imagine if there were more people like him in the world. It would be a much nicer place.

"I think he could make it (the house)."

Proudest most of young Adrian, is his mother Jennifer Young.

Adrian Young is a boy on a mission to help Toowoomba's homeless.
Adrian Young started off his efforts by delivering 'care packages' to the Toowoomba Base Services Contributed

His generosity at first caught her by surprise, especially considering he needed no external motivation to get going.

"I am proud because he has done it off his own back. This is what he wants to do," she said.

"He was the one who made me wake up to the situation and really wanted to help and pursued it."

Ms Young said she first saw signs of her son's giving nature, and what was to eventually culminate in a mega fundraising effort, that fateful night outside the Heritage Bank when Adrian approached a man on the street.

"I had originally walked past the gentleman and Adrian was the one who saw him and wanted to go over and help," she said.

"He didn't stop asking questions about how we can help and that is how this all started."

Adrian Young is a boy on a mission to help Toowoomba's homeless.
Adrian's motivation came after seeing a homeless man on the street, he then went and helped him with money. Contributed

Adrian's motivation is simple: To live in a world where no one has to freeze on the streets.

But he doesn't want praise or recognition for his efforts. Seeing smiling faces is enough for him.

"I just want to have people feel cared for," he said.

Donations can be made at Adrian's GoFundMe page here.