Would you work with a treadmill desk?
Would you work with a treadmill desk? Contributed

Toowoomba workplace installs treadmill desks

A LOT of Toowoomba residents head to the gym after work. But would you like to do a workout while you are at work?

MOA Benchmarking managing director Steve Collier has introduced facilities for his employees to do just that.

Mr Collier decided to look into the treadmill desks after 60 Minutes aired a program on the dangers of sitting for long periods.

He also read newly published articles such as Sitting is the New Smoking and Sitting is Killing You.

Mr Collier found companies such as Google and Facebook had started installing treadmill desks to provide a less sedentary option for their staff.

Do you wish your workplace would introduce treadmill desks?

This poll ended on 10 March 2015.

Current Results

That would be awesome! Running and working!


Yeah, I'd give it a go


Maybe, if I didn't have to use it all day


No thanks, I exercise after work


No way, sweating at work is not for me


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"We decided to get in early and install one in our office," Mr Collier said.

"In attempting to order one, the many calls I made to Toowoomba businesses revealed that they were largely unheard of.

"Most people I spoke to actually commented what a great concept it was."

Mr Collier believes his company might be the first office in Toowoomba to trial a treadmill desk.

Would you work with a treadmill desk? Photo Contributed
A treadmill desk at MOA Benchmarking. Contributed