The man had been accessing child pornography on various electronic devices.
The man had been accessing child pornography on various electronic devices. David Stuart

Toowoomba man avoids jail on child pornography

A TOOWOOMBA man caught with the worst category of child pornography images has been spared jail time and sentenced to a wholly suspended jail term and probation.

Scott David White, 26, pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child exploitation material and to using a carriage service to access child exploitation material.

Crown prosecutor Paul Bannister told Toowoomba District Court, a police search of White's Toowoomba home in August last year had found six electronic devices including mobile phone, laptop computer and tablets that had been used to access the child pornography.

Of the 400 or so images, a small number had been of the most serious category of such material, he said.

"This type of offending is not victimless," Mr Bannister said, referring to the children filmed or photographed in the images.

The court heard White had since sought psychological treatment and a letter from his treating psychologist was tended to the court along with six personal references including one from his de-facto partner who was present in court supporting him.

Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien acknowledged White had voluntarily taken steps toward his own rehabilitation but said the offending was very serious.

"Anyone who accesses this material is playing a role in the exploitation of children somewhere," he said.

He sentenced White to 18 months in jail but suspended the term immediately for three years.

White was also placed on the maximum three years probation and a three-year good behaviour bond.