Whitsunday Touch action is reaching the key point of the season.
Whitsunday Touch action is reaching the key point of the season.

Touch footy closes in on finals action

TOUCH FOOTBALL: Whitsunday Touch is coming to the end of the season with this coming Monday the last round of games before the finals start on November 26, with many finals positions still to be decided.

A-Grade will go right down to the wire with just four points separating all teams so the final positions could go any way.

Ray White is leading on 24 points after some solid recent results but is only two points ahead of Youngs and Eclipse A, both on 22, and New Team just two points further back on 20.

This season the committee has decided that the two top teams in C-Grade will play off against the two bottom teams in B-Grade (B/C grand final).

This means there will be four grades (A, B, B/C and C) and more teams will have the chance to play in their respective grand finals.

In B-Grade, Vogue Interiors on 27 points has secured the top spot leading into the finals but the next four places are separated by only one point with Try-ranasaurous Rex and Mantra both on 22, and Airlie Mixed and Mischief Crew both on 21 points, so remaining positions are yet to be decided.

In C-Grade, Concrete Feet 33 and Whitmonday Eagles 27 will most likely move into the B/C finals while Full Boar, Eclipse C, Whitehaven Adventures and Shirtfront Stingers will compete for the C-Grade finals.

Draw for Monday, November 19:

5pm Juniors Under 10, 12 and 14.

6pm B-Grade

F1 - Eclipse B v Vogue Interiors - ref Sam / John

F2 - Mischief Crew v Mantra - ref Shirtfront Stingers / Whitehaven Adventures

F3 - Airlie Mixed v Try-ranasaurous Rex - ref Eclipse C / Full Boar

7pm C-Grade

F1 - Concrete Feet v Shirtfront Stingers - ref Ray White

F2 - Full Boar v Whitmonday Eagles - ref Coen / John

F3 - Eclipse C v Whitehaven Adventures - ref Sam

8pm A-Grade

F1 - Young Gunz v New Team - Sam / Whitmonday Eagles

F2 - Ray White v Eclipse A - Justin / Concrete Feet