Tough Thursday? Little Prince George can relate

THURSDAY is a tough one for most of us.

The weekend is beyond the horizon, and while hump day has passed, the final days of the week can feel like an uphill battle.

What day is it? Thursday? Oh nooo AAP

And noone knows that better than our royal family's Prince George, who shall forever be our mascot for rough Thursdays.


No, I need to work from home today. No, really. AAP



Not even four, yet he has already mastered the expressions that come so naturally to us as we start work.

Having landed in Germany as part of Prince William and Duchess Kate's whirlwind tour of Europe, little Georgie looks like he has given up even trying to care why he's being dragged around to all these boring countries.

Even sister Charlotte scored some beautiful flowers.

[Pretend coughing] Yeah I might not be in tomorrow. AAP

George doesn't need this today. He just needs to be left alone.

We know that feeling mate.