FREE SPIRIT: Brooke Evans loved Australia so much, that she's back for a second time.
FREE SPIRIT: Brooke Evans loved Australia so much, that she's back for a second time. Georgia Simpson

TRAVEL: This backpacker hasn't been home in five years

VESTED for a life on the seas, Brooke Evans said she hopes to go wherever the wind blows her.

"Quite literally, I want to get back on a yacht,” she said.

She came to the Whitsundays about a month ago for a job on Long Island, but a change or circumstances has her heading in a different direction.

Miss Evans has spent the last five years travelling the world, and has only been back to the US once, to fulfil her aunt duties when her sister gave birth to twins.

The American lives by the philosophy of the world being her oyster, and has spent time living in France, has been a surf instructor in Sri Lanka, worked on a coffee farm in Colombia and has taught English in South Korea.

At the end of May, she'll get her wish, as she finds her sea legs on a super yacht bound for Saudi Arabia.

What's your favourite Australian destination so far?

I loved Cairns, because it's got a little bit of everything. There's waterfalls, mountains, reef, it's a big enough town that it has everything you need, yet there isn't that fast paced hustle and bustle of a big city.

What's the weirdest thing about Australian culture?

Guys don't pay for dates here! What is with that? Australian guys, you need to pick up your game. Australians also say, "She'll be right”, all the time.

What's something you'll remember forever from your travels?

I think in general, circumnavigating Australia in a van has been very memorable, but if I had to pick just one, I was driving down the coast of Western Australia, with some people I'd met along the way and there was nothing for miles- not a soul in sight. We stopped at this amazing and completely deserted beach, and as there was no one around, we decided to go a little skinny dip.

What's your top Australian travel tip?

Just be yourself, and the best travel plan is no plan, and to just go with the flow.