LITTLE BOAT BLUE: Linda Frylink-Anderson on rescued boat Lati in Kythnos, Greece.
LITTLE BOAT BLUE: Linda Frylink-Anderson on rescued boat Lati in Kythnos, Greece.

Travelling the world on rickety blue boat

WHEN Linda Frylink-Anderson's husband told her he'd bought a rickety timber boat in the Caribbean on eBay, she was less than impressed.

What followed was a three-year journey through the Mediterranean and book number two for the adventurous author.

Ms Frylink-Anderson and her husband, Bill, met at the age of 18 and were married at 19. Although Mr Anderson had a history of boating in his family, she started out knowing nothing.

"The first boat, I hated. It tipped over and I was all legs and I didn't like it at all,” she said.

"Bill had this innate urge for sailing the world and I loved travelling. Somehow our two dreams merged.”

Linda and Bill Anderson in 1980
Linda and Bill Anderson in 1980.

Between 2007 and 2010, the couple sailed to 30 countries on their home-built boat Valiam, an amalgamation of the names of daughter Vashti and son Liam.

Ms Frylink-Anderson said the journey was a reality check, particularly in countries where medical care was lacking.

"One of the more significant countries was Papua New Guinea. I left part of my heart there I think, years ago,” she said.

"We went to this tiny little island where medical care for example just isn't there. They don't have all the services and that really came home to me in a lot of ways.”

Ms Frylink-Anderson kept a travel blog that gained so many readers she finally wrote and self-published her first book, Sailing In My Sarong.

Coming back to the Whitsundays to release her second book, Salvage In My Sarong, Ms Frylink-Anderson described it as a "crazy story”.

"Bill called me and told me he'd bought this pathetic little boat on eBay,” she said. "He couldn't understand why I was so upset about it.”

Linda and Bill Anderson on Valium in Fiji.
Linda and Bill Anderson on Valiam in Fiji.

Mr Anderson spent three months resurrecting the derelict boat before they crossed the North Atlantic in a 25-day passage, then spent the next three years sailing the Mediterranean.

"This little boat kept breaking down - a little wooden boat painted blue who made friends everywhere,” Ms Frylink-Anderson said.

"I was actually really upset and quite sad when we had to sell her. So from a boat I didn't want, we became very attached to her.”

Ms Frylink-Anderson will be holding a book signing for Sailing In My Sarong - Around the World, a 30-year Dream and Salvage in My Sarong - the Mediterranean Dream in a Rescued Boat on Sunday, June 17, at Beach Book boutique from 10am.

Guests are invited to don sarongs and tiaras to enjoy a meet and greet and share their travel adventures with Ms Frylink-Anderson.