Huge trevally put up a massive struggle

Alan Kitson with a trevally weighing 35 kilograms.
Alan Kitson with a trevally weighing 35 kilograms. Contributed

ALAN Kitson and Peter Roberts were catching some very nice parrot and sweet lip at the south end of the Shoals when they saw something big in the water.

Alan said to Peter it must have been a six foot long shark.

At second glimpse they both agreed it was a cobia.

The cobia disappeared and they fished for another 15-20 minutes anchored to the seabed.

All of a sudden, Alan had hooked it and he told Peter to get the anchor up to chase the fish as the line ran out of his reel.

"After the enormous fight we ended up 3-4km away from where we started," he said.

"I really thought I had a cobia on the line and then I was very disappointed to see a trevally."

Alan wrapped a rag around its tail, Peter had a gaff in its mouth and it took the two men to get it into the boat.

"When I saw it I couldn't believe it. It was 1.35m, which is absolutely huge," he said.

"As soon as I get the opportunity I will be straight back out there again."