Tribunal to be held after AFL player punched 17-year-old

AFL CAPRICORNIA will hold a tribunal hearing, as early as next week, after a Glenmore Bulls reserve grade player assaulted a Brothers player on Saturday afternoon.

It's alleged the Bulls player punched the 17-year-old Brothers player in the head, before the latter fell to the ground and had a seizure.

The Brothers player was taken to hospital following the incident.

An A-grade Brothers player this morning told the Morning Bulletin the player has since been discharged from hospital but is due to have further medical tests.

Police are expected to lay charges against the player who allegedly punched the 17-year-old.

AFL Capricornia president John Round says the matter has been referred to an independent tribunal hearing panel.

That could happen on Wednesday next week.

At this stage, no immediate action has been taken from AFL Capricornia, until the tribunal panel has made its decision.