Maryanne Fyvie, her daughter Jazmyn Fyvie, and Karen Maddock at the Gold Coast Pink Triathlon, on February 23, where they all came first in their age groups.
Maryanne Fyvie, her daughter Jazmyn Fyvie, and Karen Maddock at the Gold Coast Pink Triathlon, on February 23, where they all came first in their age groups.

Trio tackles three triathlons in three weeks

THREE plucky local lasses have completed three triathlons in three weeks.

Since February, the trio – Karen Maddock, Maryanne Fyvie and her daughter Jazmyn Fyvie – have between them competed in Mirani, Hervey Bay, the Gold Coast and Townsville, supported by various family members.

They didn’t set out to break any records - it was a training exercise – and their ‘mega marathon’ has only inspired them, with more events planned for April and May.

On Sunday, February 17, the trio competed in the Sonya Brazil Memorial Women’s Only Triathlon, in Mirani, hosted by the Mackay Triathlon Club.

“It was really to prepare Jazmyn for the Queensland School State Championships, on February 21, in Hervey Bay,” Ms Maddock said.

“Jazmyn started triathlons last year and it was new to Maryanne this year. I have done a few before so it was just about getting those two into it.

“It was just something we all decided we enjoyed, and we just wanted to encourage Jaz.”

On Sunday, February 23, the girls competed in the Gold Coast Pink Triathlon. All came first in their age category, and Jazmyn came sixth overall.

“We were down that way anyway,” Ms Maddock, who works at Queensland Yacht Charters, said.

“Jaz had already done three events by this point, including Hervey Bay.”

On Sunday, March 1, Karen and Maryanne then competed in the Townsville Aquathon, which includes running and swimming, but no cycling leg.

“We have come home a bit tired,” Ms Maddock said, following the third event in Townsville.

“I’m feeling not too bad but I don’t think you could keep doing it, but for a while it’s OK.

“By the time I have done the fourth one, that will be enough for now.”

The three triathletes are due to go to Townsville again this weekend, for the Pink Lady Triathlon, on March 8, as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, with proceeds being donated to The Townsville Women’s Centre.

Ms Maddock, who has been running ‘seriously’ for about three years, met Mrs Fyvie at the Whitsunday Running Club a few years ago.

“But Maryanne was getting injuries, so she started cross training. She started tri and really enjoyed it,” Ms Maddock, who is still a member of the club, said.

To train, the girls usually swim, ride and run every week.

“We do a minimum of two sessions of each - swimming, riding and running - every week, and we all do the 5km Park Run at the marina, on Saturdays, as part of our training.

“Our rides are usually a 25km circuit through Riordanvale and Sugarloaf, and we do two one-kilometre sessions in the pool each week, either at the Cannonvale State School pool or the Proserpine pool.”

After this weekend, the girls have a break until April, when Ms Maddock is competing in the Tour de Brisbane and Mrs Fyvie is competing in the Julia Creek Triathlon. They will then join up with Jasmyn again and the three of them are doing the Mackay Triathlon Festival together, on April 26.

Ms Maddock, who did the Melbourne Marathon last year, will also be running in the Hamilton Island Hilly Half-Marathon, in May.