TRAPPED: Truck convoy puts brakes on dangerous driver

TRUCK drivers were forced to create a rolling road block along the Pacific Highway near Harwood to keep a dangerous driver off the road.

The driver, approximately 20 years old, was first spotted travelling west along Yamba Road, Palmers Island at around 12pm on Sunday.

It's understood the driver was seen narrowly avoiding several high-speed collisions, prompting multiple calls to police from members of the public.

"The male driver was stopped near Harwood Bridge and submitted to roadside drug and alcohol testing which both came back negative," Insp Reid said.

The driver was released, however, more calls were made to police a short time later about a dangerous driver who had now entered the Pacific Highway.

"The car was allegedly seen narrowly missing signposts and oncoming traffic," Insp Reid said.

"That's when several truckies had begun to coordinate an effort to slow down and then block the driver," Coffs/Clarence Police Chief inspector Jo Reid said.

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Drug and alcohol tests were administered a second time which again came back negative.

This time, however, police took possession of the driver's keys who was later taken into the care of a family member.

Insp Reid said, following an assessment by Ambulance NSW officers, there was nothing to indicate a medical episode had caused the dangerous driving.

"At this stage we're still making further inquiries and looking at lodging a question of fitness," she said.

"We are looking for any information from the public such as dashcam footage to help with these inquires."

Anyone with information about the incident are encourage to contact Grafton Police on 66420222 or Crime Stoppers 1800333000. To report a crime online visit