Two trucks have crashed on Summerland Way, Junction Hill this afternoon.
Two trucks have crashed on Summerland Way, Junction Hill this afternoon. Kathryn Lewis

‘I saw the driver’s face’: Split second decision a lifesaver

RAY Beddow was sitting in his truck on the side of the road having a break, when he looked up to see another truck heading his way.

Mr Beddow said he made the split-second decision to "jump to the passenger side".

"I was just sitting there taking my break and then I looked up and then I jumped to the passenger side," he said.

"I saw the other driver's face this close to mine," Mr Beddow said holding his hand centimetres away from his face.

"I was just drinking a Rock-Star, I have no idea where that is. I had just filled up with fuel too."

Emergency services responded to the two-truck collision on Summerland Way this afternoon which saw the driver of the semi-trailer taken to Grafton Base Hospital by ambulance.


Twin truck crash at Junction Hill: Onlookers watched as emergency services attended at the scene of a twin truck crash on the Summerland Way at Junction Hill on 22nd April, 2019.

Initial reports indicate a truck rolled near Pine St at Junction Hill and collided with another truck that was parked on the side of the highway at about 4pm.

The road was closed for motorists heading in both directions as emergency services responded to the incident, which left one truck on its side.

Reports from the scene indicated HAZMAT teams were in attendance to clear up a significant oil spill.

Bev English was at home and heard the crash, which she described as "a bunch of metal poles" crashing down.

"I heard it, as soon as I came out there was smoke everywhere," she said.

"Someone was asking for a fire extinguisher, but I just went straight down the end of the road and started directing traffic before the police got here."

Tamara Sevil and her partner were on their way home with their son when traffic "suddenly stopped".

"We were just taking the young guy home and everyone suddenly stopped, I looked up and saw the truck driver pulling a man out of the cabin," she said.

"People said the sound was horrific."