Senator Fraser Anning attracted just 19 single votes at the 2016 federal election. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Senator Fraser Anning attracted just 19 single votes at the 2016 federal election. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

'Turning in their graves': Veteran's disgust at fascism

TO all editors and Australians,

Let me acknowledge the victims and their families from the tragedy in Christchurch last Friday.  My thoughts, our thoughts, are with you all, but also with the people of New Zealand who are collectively in shock given the monstrosity of this event. 

This was a hate crime perpetrated by a fascist, a white supremacist fuelled on hate and ignorance. 

An ordinary Australian man from an ordinary Australian town who didn't want to die a martyr, he just wanted to kill and in killing make a political statement.  

He may have acted as a lone wolf but the philosophy of hate which inspired mass murder is alive and well in our country. 

His particular conviction is championed by no other than the advocate of all things right wing, Queensland's own Fraser Anning.  The Senator and I have a history of tete a tete through Facebook, which resulting in me being kicked off his site a couple of months ago. 

I was surprised it took so long after repeatedly accusing him, and his collection of brown shirts, of being fascists. 

The straw which broke the camel's back came when I asked him to stop pretending to represent the welfare of veterans and making them a party to his madness. 

I am a war veteran myself and I did not want that man representing my interest, or those of my mates in any way, shape or form. 

I thought as a 'Patriot' Fraser would be the first man to defend a man's or woman's right to free speech.  Alas, not.

I was silenced once again last week by one of his disciples, who suggested in one of his posts the Cumberland Shire in NSW would be better directing $50,000 meant for the Muslim community to the homeless or war veterans.  The money was to help celebrate the end of Ramadan. 

I pointed out the Shire has a 40 plus % Muslim population, the council donates for Christmas Carols, holds Christmas lights events and would likely be doing something for Easter.  Banned for my trouble once again by yet another advocate of free speech.

As a war veteran I know better than most free speech isn't free.  There are veterans who would be turning in their graves in Greece, Cyprus, North Africa and western Europe knowing that fascism has made its way to our shores and to the shores of our brothers in arms.  

Bill Heck

North Booval, IPSWICH