TWO more teens have been charged for alleged involvement in an attack on a Thuringowa State High School teacher.

The boys, aged 13 and 15, were charged with common assault by police on Friday

Four teenagers have now been charged over the alleged attack on the 37-year-old teacher, who heroically put her own safety on the line to protect a child from a group of students.

Shocking footage emerged of the incident at the school and showed the teacher throw herself over an injured child as several children kicked at her and the injured boy.

It comes as data obtained by the Bulletin revealed a decline in student, staff and parents' perception of safety at Thuringowa State High School.

An opinion survey in the school's latest annual report revealed 67 per cent of students felt safe at their school in 2018, a drop from 80 per cent the year before.

Only 47 per cent of students and 69 per cent of staff felt behaviour was well managed at their school.