Grumpy Grandpa vandalises Harley-Davidson for going too fast

7.45am: A GRUMPY grandpa has stepped forward as the man who vandalised Terry Thomas' $26,000 Harley-Davidson.

The grandpa, who didn't provide his name, said he spray painted Terry's beloved bike blue because Terry had been driving too quick, and the bike's noise upset his grandkids.

Earlier this month The Bulletin reported that Terry was upset over the incident at the underground car park at City Centre Plaza.

Terry had called for management to upgrade CCTV surveillance at the plaza. According to the grandpa it wasn't a case of vandalism.

"I was expressing my opinion of an idiot in an enclosed car park who was driving in a way that nobody should drive, he said.

"I expressed my opinion in the way I saw fit."

But Terry can't see how this was the right way to go about it.

"I was following my wife in the car park and it's (Harley) a loud bike generally," Terry said.

"To me that's the wrong thing to do. If you have something to say, say it to my face."

Terry said the past few weeks had caused stress on his family, as they were down to one vehicle.

"My wife and I both work and have to run two teenagers to school with one vehicle now," Terry said.

Terry's asking the man for an apology after causing $6000 worth of damage to his bike, and to pay for his insurance excess.

"I didn't do anything wrong that day.

"To me, he's an idiot for doing this," Terry said.

Terry Thomas puts on an unhappy face after brazen vandals damaged his Harley motorbike. Photo Austin King / Morning Bulletin
Terry Thomas puts on an unhappy face after brazen vandals damaged his Harley motorbike. Photo Austin King / Morning Bulletin Austin King

August 6: WHEN Terry Thomas went to do a spot of shopping in Rockhampton, he didn't expect to come out and find his prized possession vandalised.

Terry's Harley Davidson had been spraypainted blue and scratched.

He said he had parked his $26,000 Harley in the underground car park of City Centre Plaza next to his wife's car on July 26.

Terry was in the store for just over an hour.

He said 70-80% of his bike was spraypainted.

While Terry is trying to come to terms with the damage, he is concerned that the incident was not caught on CCTV.

"After the shock wore off, I went into the main office and I said I wanted to see security," he said.

"They pointed at their security guard, and that was it.

"The only cameras they have there are going in and out of the underground carpark."

Shopping centre spokeswoman Kate Lander said that centre security regularly patrolled the car park.

Ms Lander said vehicle damage of this nature in the centre's car parks was extremely rare, and they had conducted an investigation and provided assistance to Terry.

Anyone with more information is urged to contact Policelink on 131 444.