Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
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VERDICT: Who did the $45K hidden in the car boot belong to?

JUDGEMENT was handed down last Friday to a young man who was caught with $45,100 hidden in the boot of his partner's car.

Beau Anthony Graham, 24, originally pleaded not guilty on June 25 at a summary hearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of possession of property suspected of being tainted.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said Graham was intercepted by police about 7.30pm on October 2, 2018.

"Upon questioning and a search of the vehicle, police found $45,100 in cash in the boot of the vehicle," he said.

"The defendant indicated he did not know about the money or where it came from."

Mr Fox said the amount of money and the way it was concealed would be the circumstantial evidence to prove the property was tainted.

Defence lawyer Doug Winning, said the vehicle was registered in Graham's partner's name and the

money had been claimed by Graham's partner, who provided a statement to identify its lawful source.

"The prosecution are essentially saying, 'We don't believe that, we say he is in possession of the money, we say it is tainted money and we say he should be called upon to give an account as to where he lawfully acquired the money'," he said.

"He was driving his girlfriend's car. He didn't know the money was there and when challenged about the money he said words to the effect of I've never seen that much money before. He indicated he was not aware of the presence of the money."

Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale found Graham guilty.

He was fined $667.25 and the cash was forfeited.