Dad sends kids into space

Video: Father sends his kids into space

A FINNISH father has given his kids 'a lifetime memory and (sent) them on a trip to space'.

More accurately, Tero Tahtinen strapped camera and a photo of the children to a weather balloon and sent it 28.9km up into the sky.

Mr  Tahtinen posted the incredible vision of the 2-hour-47-minute flight to YouTube with the technical details of the flight laid out in broken English.

"At altitude 28900 meters the balloon bursted (sic).

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"At ground level the diameter of the balloon was 2 meters and just before the burst it was 6 meters.

"We used three different GPS-locators, two with GPRS and one with satellite transmission, to track the the balloon.

"After the burst the parachute opened after few kilometers of free fall and took the packet safely to ground."