Video shows JT is nicest rugby league player

Jonathan Thurston shows he's the best: Video shows why JT is the nicest man in rugby league.

FORMER St. Mary's College student Johnathan Thurston has once again proved why he's the nicest bloke in rugby league.

Following Queensland's win in the State of Origin JT walked towards his adoring supporters triumphantly.

He walked up to a young boy named Kevin and handed him his maroon headgear.

The smiling face of the young boy told the story.

Sometimes a smile says it all. Photo Contributed
Sometimes a smile says it all. Contributed

He was absolutely over the moon to have met his idol and to receive the headgear.

A video of the exchange has gone viral and Queensland supporters hailed JT as a hero.

Jan Wellington was standing right there when it happened.

"That little boy was just bursting with happiness and excitement., his dad was overcome with emotion for him also."

Louise Parkes said it was a moment that the young man would never forget.

"Well done JT. After playing a very hard game he give this boy his headgear. You are a legend."

Lisa Hemmings was overcome with emotion by his generosity in taking the time to meet the supporter.

A victorious Jonathan Thurston. Photo Contributed
A victorious Jonathan Thurston. Photo Contributed Contributed

"I cried watching this. The look on the kids face and the parents' reaction, JT is a pure and honest legend. Love him."

JT was born on 25 April, 1983 in Brisbane.

He later moved to Toowoomba where he attended St. Mary's College, playing rugby league for the school and the Toowoomba Rugby League's All Whites club.

Jonathan Thurston. Photo Contributed
Jonathan Thurston. Photo Contributed Contributed