CATS and dogs tend to dominate the animal kingdom when it comes to viral videos.

It's only fair that goats also get a slice of the pie.

A video of a group of goats jumping on and falling off a flexible ribbon is quickly gaining traction with online audiences.

As one YouTube user says:  This is easily the best "Goats balancing on a steel ribbon" video I've seen this year!

And it's not only goats that like to play as shown a video that shows a group of surfers arrive at a beach to find a very flat ocean.

Unperturbed, they decide to employ a little elbow grease and drain a nearby reservoir of fresh water into the ocean.

The hard work pays off and provides a 'still wave' for the adventure seekers to play on.

The third video takes us to a colder part of the world.

Hidden under a heavy blanket of snow, New York City's streets proved to be the perfect place for YouTube personality Casey Neistat to slide around on his snowboard.

The video very quickly notched up more than four million views with one commenter urging the filmmaker to create a wakeboarding video next time the city gets a big hurricane.