WEDDING BELLS: Meg Stokes and Barry Richardson and their son, Koebe. Picture: Contributed
WEDDING BELLS: Meg Stokes and Barry Richardson and their son, Koebe. Picture: Contributed

Virus not enough to spoil CQ bride’s big day

A GLOBAL COVID-19 pandemic is not enough to deter one very determined Central Queensland bride from ­exchanging vows next month.

Meg Stokes and her ­partner Barry Richardson have decided their impending nuptials will go ahead on April 18, even in light of Prime Minster Scott Morrison’s banning of non-essential indoor events of 100 people.

Luckily, Ms Stokes guestlist is topped at 65 attendees which means her Henderson Park wedding is not yet impacted by the new federal government restrictions announced yesterday.

Following two years of planning, the mother-of-one was already beginning to feel the stress of being a bride in the lead up to the couple’s big day.

“It’s obviously a bit stressful being a bride so close to a wedding already, then having all this coronavirus news happening makes it feel much more stressful, but all in all I’m feeling pretty good,” she said.

“We’ve been planning our wedding for a couple of years now, so for coronavirus to stuff it up would be pretty devastating.”

She admitted delaying the wedding would be an unlikely option for the couple, adding the event would still go ahead should the government wind up enforcing stricter limitations.

“We’re not considering postponing the wedding at all. Even if they say I can still only have five guests at my wedding I will still get married, I think,” she said.

“The only thing happening is my fiance asking guests that if they’re sick to not attend. That’s his biggest thing. There’s a potential of a few guests pulling out but not too many luckily.”

While the wedding itself may not be impacted by COVID-19, the couple’s intended honeymoon destination has been changed as a result.

“We did have our honeymoon booked at the Gold Coast, but we had to cancel because of the cases happening there. We’ve re-booked for Airlie Beach,” she said.

“Our main reason for going to the Gold Coast was to visit the theme parks but we’re just a bit worried about all that being shut down.”

“We have about 65 guests attending, so thankfully we don’t have to worry about the 100 people ban which is a huge relief.”

Unfortunately, it has been a different story for businesses attached to the wedding industry, with Ms Stokes confirming her celebrant already had one wedding pull out due to the 100-guest limit.