There are have been some great moustaches down through history, and now another one - a Gympie moustache - joins those ranks.
There are have been some great moustaches down through history, and now another one - a Gympie moustache - joins those ranks.

REVEALED: Winner of the manliest moustache in Gympie

UPDATE:  From Groucho Marx, to Tom Selleck, Freddy Mercury, Burt Reynolds and Charlie Chaplin, moustaches have succeeded in helping to catapult men to fame or at the very least, single them out from the crowd for as long as man has had hair.

In Gympie, this year, we singled out eight moustachioed young gents as finalists in our quest for the manliest mo in town. We then asked out readers to vote on which of those eight finalists they thought sported the best moustache.

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The poll revealed a clear winner in Aaron Malcolm, with 30 per cent of the votes going his way. Well done Aaron!

Aaron is a great sport and says he's had his mo for more than two years and plans to keep it for the years to come.

"I think it gives me character and I appreciate the compliments that people have given me," he said.

"The thing that inspired me to grow my mo, was actually my fiancé. She always liked a 'dirty mo' and if she thinks I look attractive with it then I might as well keep it.

"I think maybe nowadays people are less concerned about the judgemeant of others. So I think people are just interested in the fact that you can grow a mo while not caring about what other people think.

"That's why it's come back into fashion because its a statement. I have definitely gotten comments about how I need to shave it and that I look like a 70s porn star. But I don't really care because I like it."

Good on you Aaron.

Harry Johnston came a close second with 26 per cent of the vote and Henry Hamilton was third with a very respectable 19 per cent of the vote.

We congratulate our winners and all our finalists for their spirit of outstanding manliness, facial hair and fun. Well done men, and may you continue to be a guiding light for all men, young and old.

You can still click on the poll below to see all the final results.


MOVEMBER has officially ended for the year and with it so have some of the more interesting facial hair features being sported around town.

We're sorry to see such efforts vanish so we called out for those with top lip facial hair to show it off in a big way before it went.

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Eight fine nominees either put their hand up or were dobbed in, in our hunt to find Gympie's best mo, when we called for nominees on our Facebook page.

You can view them all below and cast your vote.

Check out the gallery below: