Watch: Driver dodges two trucks head-on


A TEENAGER has described the terrifying moment she was confronted by two trucks head-on as she was driving in a 100km/h zone on a southern Darling Downs highway.

Jessica Hernandez, 18, from Ipswich, was driving on a highway near Inglewood on January 7 when the two trucks emerged, one on the wrong side of the highway apparently overtaking the other.

Dashcam footage shows the truck driving on the wrong side of the road, leaving Ms Hernandez no option but to drive between them, narrowly avoiding a collision.

"I had my lights on the whole time, high beam was on until I saw the lights of the approaching truck," Ms Hernandez said.

"I have reported it to police but with no number plate or company visible, there is not much they can do unless I can get that info."

Ms Hernandez said she had been asked if the truck in her lane was stationary.

"The truck is moving; you can see the water his tyres are kicking up, he had also applied brakes when he saw us," she said.