A TANNUM SANDS resident who wanted to brighten up the day of the kids on his street never expected to brighten the day of people all around the world.

Philip Lindfield has shared a video of himself, dressed as Elvis, dancing with wife Robyn while putting their bins out at Tannum Sands.

At the end of the video the truck can be seen using its claw to "clap" for the couple at the end of their dance.


In less than 24 hours the video has had 29,000 reactions, 4000 shares and 2600 comments in the Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing.

"I didn't expect any (reaction) at all," Mr Lindfield said.

"Not bad for in 24 hours."

The couple, who moved to Tannum Sands two months ago, had the costumes from visiting the Elvis Festival in Parkes, New South Wales, a few times.

"We just decided we'll make joy and fun for the kids on the street to watch us," he said.

"That's our personality, we do stupid things."

The video has had comments from people from as far away as England, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and the US.

Mr Lindfield said they might put Elvis on hold for the moment, but his wife was the real brains behind the ideas.

"We're keen to see what our neighbours can come up with," he said.