Ocean Safari captured a video of a turtle eating a jellyfish at Mackay Reef.
Ocean Safari captured a video of a turtle eating a jellyfish at Mackay Reef. Ocean Safari

WATCH: Turtle chomps on jellyfish at Reef

AMAZING footage has be captured of a green sea turtle munching on a jellyfish at Mackay Reef in Far North Queensland.

The video was recorded by Ocean Safari, a company which offers half-day reef experiences to the Great Barrier Reef off the Daintree Coast at Cape Tribulation.


Turtle eats jellyfish at Mackay Reef: Turtle chows down on jellyfish at Mackay Reef. The video was captured by eco tour agency Ocean Safari.

Ocean Safari office manager Kellie Roberts said the video of the turtle eating the jelly fish was recorded on December 15.

"It was just recorded whilst we were out with guests on a regular tour... we were taking them on a little bit of a tour of the area out at Mackay Reef there," she said.

"We are lucky enough to see turtles most days on tour, which is really special.

"The predominate turtles we see out at Mackay Reef are green sea turtles... we do occasionally see the hawksbills out there as well.

"It is common practice for us to take a GoPro out on tour and interact with guests and film some of the marine life we see on a daily basis.

"We use both Mackay and Undine reef systems, which sit about 20km off the Coast of Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland."

Jellyfish and sea grass are the main food sources for sea turtles, in the north and around the Mackay region.


Ms Roberts believes the jellyfish the turtle was eating is a moon jelly.

"We are in stinger season as such now, so jellyfish are more of a common occurrence," she said.

"Those particular moon jelly don't carry any sting."

Ocean Safari has been operating for 10 years and enjoys sharing what they see on their tours.

"We just love sharing what we see on a daily basis with people that have experienced the reef with us or just in general people who are keen to see what is going on at the reef," Ms Roberts said.