WATER POLO REPLAYS: Grand final coverage


NOTE: Above is the game between Kawana and the Polo Bears. Scroll down for more replays

The Water Polo Queensland Premier League grand finals will be livestreamed here today. 

Four games - two bronze medal play-offs and then the respective men and women grand finals will be streamed.

In the women's final comeback queen Naomi McCarthy, her Sydney Olympics gold medal teammate Jo Clark and their Athens 2004 Olympic teammate Jodie Stuhmcke will play for Polo Bears.

Throw into the mix triple Olympian Bronwen Knox and a host of rookies and Polo Bears have a red hot chance of winning.

Barras will be spearheaded by Aussie great Kate Gynther who is surrounded by a host of elite rookies like Abby Andrews, Tenealle Fasala and Gabi Palm.

Tenealle Fasala is on the rise at Barras. (AAP Image/Renae Droop)
Tenealle Fasala is on the rise at Barras. (AAP Image/Renae Droop)

In the men's final, Aussie keeper Nic Porter will look to lock up the Carina Leagues Warriors against the Rhys Howden led Barras.

Finals will be livestreamed starting at noon.



Goalie Victoria Kininmonth and Alice Williams defending Emily Gallagher. Picture: Richard Walker
Goalie Victoria Kininmonth and Alice Williams defending Emily Gallagher. Picture: Richard Walker

Barracudas v Polo Bears

Gold medal women

Barracudas: Gabi Palm, Phoebe Powell, Amelia Hodgson, Zoe Balmanno, Abby Andrews, Amelia Watt, Kate Gynther, Gracie Albion, Jessica Emerson, Tenealle Fasala, Anna Lenarduzzi, Elizabeth Nolan, Ruby Fox.

Polo Bears: Eve Gath, Claudia Czerniawski, Charlize Andrews, Naomi McCarthy, Sophie Milliken, Bonwen Knox, Jodie Stuhmcke, Bridget Leeson-Smith, Abigail Houston, Meg Wilcox, Cordeila Gibson, Joanne Fox, Horatia Schlect.




Bronze medal women

Sunshine Coast v Merlo Mermaids:

Sunshine Coast: Lily Merlo, Tyler Baillie, Hannah Watt, Paris Bromfield, Matilda Sweeney, Karla Lowe, Lilyan Sheterline, Cosi Winter, Maddi Coolican, Tiana Anderson, Ash Roberts, Baillie Johns, Jess Lundgren.

Merlo Mermaids: Power Kate, Nasser Molly, Moore Matilda, Fredericks Hannah, Owen Lara,

Downes Louisa, Elliott Lulu, Campbell Alice, Dalziel Kasey, Williams Alice, Johnson Chelsea, Black Paige, Comiskey Mary



Warriors v Barracudas

Gold medal men

Warriors Porter, Nic, Avenia, Benjamin, Downes, William, Josh Andrews, Chris Corbin, Martin Anthony, Gosney, Cooper, Greenbank, Stewart, Hansen, Daniel, Fettell, Mason, Goode, Max, Townsend, Reilly, Hardy, Tom.

Barracudas: Fabio Pavanello, Rhys Howden, Billy Miller, Matthew Giles, Scott Gynther, Drew Gynther, Will Valentine, James Kininmonth, Sean Boyd, Will Armstrong, Chris Broome, Noah Bright.



Kawana v Polo Bears

Bronze medal men

Polo Bears: Rick Joustra, Fraser Duguid, Kai Majoros, Casper Van Der Struijk, Dylan McDonald, Kobe Jennison, Sam Lenarduzzi, Mason Black, Jack Foder, Nick Pace, Chris Buchanan, Ethan Topp, Fletcher Dudley.

Kawana: Matt Lenarduzzi, Ben Letchford, Francis Rupnick, Louis Brunner, Seth Burrows, Sam Harris, Pat Flanagan, Riley Korac, Tora Majoros, Liam Johns, Gus Powell, Steele Gribble, Nino Magasic, Xaiver Clark.

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