COMING SOON: Watoto Children's Choir will tour the Whitsundays.
COMING SOON: Watoto Children's Choir will tour the Whitsundays. Watoto

Watoto Children's Choir comes to the Whitsundays

FROM the dense woodlands of Africa straight to our hearts, the Watoto Children's Choir are coming to the Whitsundays to perform the return of their Signs and Wonders tour.

The Watoto Children's Choir travels the world raising awareness for over 50 million children in Africa who have lost one or both parents to disease, poverty, civil war and HIV/AIDS.

The choir presents personal stories, traditional African music and dance while advocating for vulnerable children and widows who have experienced similar suffering.

The Whitsunday Baptist Church will be hosting the Watoto Children's Choir on Thursday, 14th June, which will be preceded by a free barbeque.

Pastor Craig Yeoman said that this event will present a different perspective to the classic western way of life.

"Many of these are orphan children and they will sing, dance, celebrate and play music with such joy and yet their life circumstances are quite confronting compared with what most of us will ever face,” he said.

"People are still very aware of how (Cyclone Debbie) impacted them and I think that raw emotion will transfer across to what they experience from the Watoto visit.”

The Watoto Children's Choir has toured six continents and performed in front of a diverse range of audiences from retirement homes to royalty.

The choir will also take the stage at Hervey Bay, 6th June, Gladstone, 8th June, Rockhampton, 10th June and Bowen, 15th June.