COMMUNITY GATHERS FOR THEO: Over 200 people light a candle for missing backpacker Theo Hayez.
COMMUNITY GATHERS FOR THEO: Over 200 people light a candle for missing backpacker Theo Hayez. Amber Gibson

'We will not stop until we know what happened to you'

JEAN-PHILIPPE Pector described his missing godson Theo Hayez as caring, loving and a boy who enjoys life.

The Light the Night event, held at Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay on Sunday, was organised by community members to raise further awareness of the missing backpackers disappearance and show Theo's family in Belgium support and love.

It has been more than three months since 18-year-old tourist Theo Hayez was last seen leaving nightclub Cheeky Monkeys on Jonson Street in Byron Bay.


Mr Pector said after visiting Australia, Theo wished to go back to Belgium to study engineering.

"Theo loved to connect with people, he is just as comfortable talking environmental politics with adults as he is playing silly games with children.

"He has a cheeky sense of humour, he thinks deeply but also likes to make people laugh."

Jacalyn Scott, one of the organisers of the event, said they aimed to show Theo's loved ones in Belgium that Byron Bay will continue to search for Theo.

The Hayez family also held a ceremony in Belgium on Saturday evening.

"Theo's mum wanted to do a simultaneous event because the friends and family of Theo in Belgium are feeling a bit removed, so this event is something to tied to the two places together," Ms Scott said.

The ceremony began at Clarkes Beach car park at 5pm where children holding lanterns led a group of over 200 community members down to the beach where members of Theo's family were waiting.

Theo's father Laurent could not attend.

He flew home to attend the ceremony that was held in Belgium.

Theo's cousin Lisa Hayez spoke to the crowd and thanked community members for their support.

"Since the 31st of May, Byron Bay changed, people who didn't know each other before reunited with the same goal, finding you," Ms Hayez said.

"They never stopped, not for a second and trust me, they are not ready to stop until we know what happened to you."