Addison Boyd, 6, from Brisbane, has her umbrella ready. Picture: Glenn Hampson
Addison Boyd, 6, from Brisbane, has her umbrella ready. Picture: Glenn Hampson

CQ to miss out on much-wanted rain

QUEENSLAND is set for a soaking weekend with patchy rain and cloudy skies on the forecast starting Friday, but the rain is set to miss much of the state. 

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a "TV sort of weekend" as showers and gloomy clouds hang around until Sunday in cities and towns from the border up to Hervey Bay. 

Forecaster Harry Clark said the wet weather will begin either very late on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

"Patchy shower activity, and then patchy rain at times," Mr Clark said.

"Not huge totals tomorrow, generally 4-8mm around southeast Queensland and there is a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow as well, it will be hit and miss and probably more around inland parts."

But for those further north hoping for a decent fall, the wait will be longer. 

Cloudy skies with no rain are forecast this weekend for Rockhampton, Gladstone and Mackay. 

Showers may hit at Bundaberg, Monto, Biloela and Gayndah but towns further west will get sunny skies and tops above 30 degrees. 

Down south, suburbs on the border will cop the most rainfall tomorrow, with Warwick seeing some of the higher rain totals between 15-30mm.

Mr Clark said the best day for rain in south east Queensland would be Saturday, leaving people mostly indoors for the final days of school holidays.

"As we go into Saturday, rain will mostly push east so Brisbane will be in a better chance to see some high totals," he said.

"We've got 10-30mm on the forecast with rain at times, so it will be quite a cloudy weekend and then going into Sunday that rain will mostly push off shores, with showers around the place."

He said the rain event will be "reasonably widespread" in the southeast as we go into the wet season.

"It should be a few degrees cooler than today, so we've got 24C on the forecast for Saturday which is probably the main day in terms of rain," he said.

"Not cold, but definitely cool and it will be quite cloudy, definitely a TV kind of weekend."