DETERMINED: Whitsunday Football Club's Tim Manchin playing earlier this year.
DETERMINED: Whitsunday Football Club's Tim Manchin playing earlier this year. Alison Langevad Photography

WFC pushed down ranking after loss

A SECOND place season finish is now out of reach for the Whitsunday Football Club after the weekend's 1-0 loss to Mackay Rangers leaves the Premier Men's team in third position on the ladder with two games to go.

The Reserves side also went down 4-1 to the Rangers in the away-games match-ups at West Abbot Park in Mackay.

Playing coach Ben Smith said the Premiers was a close game although admitted the Rangers deserved the win in the reserve grade.

"Both our teams played the same sort of tactical game and stuck to that for the 90 minutes," he said.

"The Premiers just have to work at creating more chances in front of goal.

"This leaves us third on the ladder with two more games left so it means second place is now out of reach of so finishing third is looking like the goal."

Premier player Nicholas Petch played a great game of soccer against the challenging rivals, credited with his intelligent game-play and good passing.

The Rangers reserves had three shots find the net in the first half of the game before cementing the victory with another goal in the second.

WFC's Kiel Crocker answered to the Rangers pressure with one score in the second.

Smith said standout players were midfielders Cy and Kerrin Taylor who worked as a dynamic duo negotiating Rangers game-play.

After struggling with numbers last year, the club reported full numbers for both sides on the end.

Smith said numbers and commitment to training had drastically improved throughout this season.

With two weeks off matches due to byes, both the WFC premiers and reserves next game will be against the Rangers again on July 21 at the Whitsunday Sportspark.

Smith said a win will be crucial for the reserves however the result is unlikely to impact the premiers rankings.

The Rangers currently sit second on the ladder in front of WFC in third.

The WFC reserves sit fourth on the ladder.