Dawson MP George Christensen, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry
Dawson MP George Christensen, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry The Daily Mercury

What our region thinks about the election

SITTING in the midsts of two marginal seats, the election battle is only warning up in the region.

Online polling undertaken by the Daily Mercury shows residents in the greater Mackay region think Scott Morrison and the LNP will win the election.

While the polling is not scientific, it does show the region's sentiment towards our leaders. Results show more than 63 per cent of the 733 people who answered the poll believe ScoMo will remain the nation's sitting Prime Minister.

When it comes to the opinions of our electoral leaders, the race is much tighter.

When asked who they planned to vote for, Daily Mercury voters in the Capricornia electorate still appear to favour incumbent leader Michelle Landry but, only just.

Landry 34 per cent of people who responded to the poll said they would vote LNP compared to Labor's Russell Robertson. One Nation representative Wade Rothery is the closest minor party, securing support from 17 per cent of the people polled.

In Dawson, it looks similar. Sitting member George Christensen is the favoured candidate with 40 per cent of people polled supporting him, compared to the 37 per cent who say they will vote for Belinda Hassan and Labor.

Liberal versus Labor: key policies: How does Labor compare with the LNP on key policies?

Here is what the region's residents had to say about the election:


Dianne Cameron: "If Labor wins we are well and truly stuffed...put Labor last."

Michael Pinyon: "Both the state and federal governments didn't give a stuff about Mackay during the economic downturn all cause they're known safe seats."

Trent Ostwald: "When is the last time u heard anything from our labour state member Juliane Gilbert !! Is she dead or still alive?"

Lesley N Nye Keegan said they wanted to see our local member focus on climate action.

"Immediate action on addressing human climate change. Diversification of agriculture. Diversification into other industries including the regeneration and expansion of our tourism and hospitality sector and the renewable energy sector. None of this is on the LNP agenda," they said.

Shane R Lambert: "Voting one Nation."

Michelle Wollaston: "Belinda Hasson for the ALP is a woman of integrity, dignity and compassion."

Samantha Munt: "Donkey votes always seems like a quirky 'let's get 'em' idea but at the end of the day all you're really doing is letting the passionate crazies who have no question who they're voting for lock in a majority supported by, well, crazies. Also so many people had to work SO hard for us all to get the right to vote- it's a precious thing to be thrown away. I agree with the policy of counting the ones closest to your beliefs and putting the major parties last... but the only real course of action here is to take an hour off Facebook scrolling cat videos to actually study the candidates so you can make an informed decision. heck, even approach them and talk about what you want from your government! I still have no idea who I'm voting for- like no idea whatsoever. But I'll be using my time until May 18th changing that."

Melissa Hobson: "I'm not voting, I'm formally protesting - Crossing out all of the candidates nominated on the ballot paper/ papers with a black marker and writing underneath "No suitable candidate to follow my Will". The entire government needs sacking, and this is how it's done. Lawfully and within our rights to do so."

Gerald H Vandaele: "Well it'd be stupid for anyone to do a donkey vote, as if the ALP will get in front then those donkey votes go towards the winning party."

Cheryl Mc Dougall: "Pack ya bags Shorten."

Kelzley Kezza Woodley: "Can I just not vote for either (Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten). Both are as bad as each other!!"

Nathan Ridge: "Why don't they just toss a coin amongst themselves and don't even bother with an election. When was the last time the Prime Minister elect served their full term, elections are just another waste of tax payers money, they lie to get elected, keep none of the election promises then fight between themselves who is going to be the leader."

Liam Leonard: "Already had nothing but campaign ads on TV for the past 6 months, what's another month?"