When will Australians have their say?
When will Australians have their say?

When will we go to an election?

THE leadership turmoil among the Liberal party may have many voters wondering when they can have their say on the result.

Its been in a possible for the government to call a combined election for the House of Representatives and a half-Senate election since August 4.

If the government wants to avoid holding separate elections for these houses, the last possible date for an election is May 18, 2019.

An election must take place on a Saturday and at least 33 days after an election is called and writs are issued.

When it comes to the timing, there are already a few dates that the government would likely avoid.

The Victorian state election is already set for November 24 and the NSW state election will be on March 23.

It would also have to avoid public holidays like Good Friday (April 19) and Anzac Day (April 25), and governments also generally avoid school holidays (from September to early October, Christmas and Easter/Anzac holidays).

Its unlikely a Budget will be handed down before the next election as this usually happens on the second Tuesday in May. It would have to be brought forward to March if the government wanted to pass it before an election campaign kicked off.