Some of the things you could buy with $30 million.
Some of the things you could buy with $30 million. MayaCom

The numbers behind Qld town's 'lotto hot spot' claim

THERE is no disputing the fact $30 million is a lot of money, but how does it rate in terms of local lottery wins?

A mystery millionaire could be walking Fraser Coast streets after a Hervey Bay outlet sold a winning Oz Lotto ticket.

The big win is the fifth-largest this calendar year.

'Lotto hot spot': $30M jackpot another win for Qld town

The biggest was a $55m Powerball prize shared by a syndicate of 21 Government employees on January 5.

The $30m prize is the second-biggest to be won at the Fraser Coast in the past five years.

The biggest remains last year's $70m ticket, which was won by retired Hervey Bay grandparents.

The prize, sold at newsXpress Eli Waters, is still Australia's biggest individual lottery win.

The third-biggest is last Saturday's $1.6m Gold Lotto prize, which was sold at Torquay IGA &News.

Wife didn't believe husband when he said they'd won $1.6 million

The Fraser Coast has been home to seven Division one and 1st prize wins since August, 2008.

It includes a $100,000 prize sold at NewsExtra Sandy Straits on June 27, as well as the two multi-million dollar wins in the past week.

In 2016, newsXpress Station Square sold a $1.3m Gold Lotto ticket on July 30.

What you could do with $30M

Pandora News sold the region's only winning ticket in 2015.

A lucky pundit won $666,666 in the January 7 Gold Lotto draw.

Nextra Fraser Gateway Newsagency sold a $1.29m winner in the June 28, 2014, Gold Lotto draw.

In total, more than $100 million has been won at Fraser Coast outlets since the start of 2014, at an average of $15m per winner.