Cars navigate flood waters at Hamilton Plains on Shute Harbour Rd.
Cars navigate flood waters at Hamilton Plains on Shute Harbour Rd.

Whitsunday candidates roll up sleeves to fix notorious road

SEVERAL Whitsunday state election candidates have vowed to fast track the delivery of floodproofing to a notorious stretch of road.

In the lead up to the Queensland election, our readers voted the Hamilton Plains upgrade as the top project needed in Whitsunday.

This was after the Daily Mercury ran a poll asking our readers to have their say on the top projects and initiatives they were keen to see realised for our region.

Thanks to your feedback, the Mercury will advocate for our politicians and political hopefuls to deliver this important project.

Here's what they had to say about it:

Deb Lawson (ONP)

Ms Lawson said she wrote to Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey in June requesting urgent action on the floodproofing of Hamilton Plains.

"This is a project that has been put on the back burner for far too long," she said.

"The funding from both Federal and State Governments has already been allocated for this project, so there really is no substantial reason as to why this has not been started.

"I will fight long and hard if elected to get this notorious stretch of road flood mitigated.

"We are always ignored when it comes to spending money on vital infrastructure compared to the South East corner. This has gone on long enough."

Whitsunday candidates: (Top) Amanda Camm (LNP), Jason Costigan (NQFirst). (Right) Angie Kelly (ALP). (Bottom) Deb Lawson (ONP) and Ciaron Paterson (KAP).
Whitsunday candidates: (Top) Amanda Camm (LNP), Jason Costigan (NQFirst). (Right) Angie Kelly (ALP). (Bottom) Deb Lawson (ONP) and Ciaron Paterson (KAP).

Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan (NQ First)

"The project is long overdue but at least I successfully lobbied the State and Federal Governments to cough up the funding to deliver it.

"Those who have followed this issue very closely would know there is $37 million already on the table to address flood-prone Shute Harbour Rd at Hamilton Plains but it only came about thanks to that intense lobbying on my part over a number of years.

"My commitment is simple. If I am re-elected in Whitsunday, and if NQ First secures the balance of power in state parliament, we will demand that work on this project starts within 100 days of a new government being sworn in."

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Angie Kelly (ALP)

"The Palaszczuk Government has put its money on the table and locked in funding from Canberra for the $25 million project for Hamilton Plains.

"TMR is working with the Australian Government to identify the specific details and timing of the $25 million project for Hamilton Plains on Proserpine-Shute Harbour Road."

Amanda Camm (LNP)

"There is funding allocated to this project. The State Government have not taken action and sadly our region has lacked quality representation to advocate and apply pressure for this project to commence.

"I will work with all three levels of government to ensure the project and region are not ignored and that detailed design and construction commences if elected."

Emma Barrett (Greens)

"I will support road maintenance projects and upgrades for safety purposes, especially where it's desperately needed in our region.

"I am also committed to giving people more options for getting around the region, such as free public transport and an expanded bus network to ensure everyone has access to public transport regardless of their income."

Greens Whitsunday candidate Emma Barrett.
Greens Whitsunday candidate Emma Barrett.

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Ciaron Paterson (KAP)

"The KAP will definitely advocate for the delivery of the $25 million commitment to upgrade Hamilton Plains.

"It's a project that is long overdue and the people of the Whitsundays deserve to have access to essential services all year round, no matter what the weather conditions are.

"Hamilton Plains is a very heavily used road and the KAP believes this $25m upgrade is essential and needs to commence as soon as possible.

"I will work hard to secure the delivery and rapid commencement of this infrastructure project and welcome the additional jobs it will also bring to the electorate."