Senator Malcolm Roberts is in Maryborough today. Picture Kym Smith
Senator Malcolm Roberts is in Maryborough today. Picture Kym Smith

Why controversial senator is in Maryborough today

CONTROVERSIAL senator Malcolm Roberts is in the Heritage City today, calling for an overhaul to scientific policy making.

The One Nation senator will meet with DTM Timber boss, Curly Tatnell, to discuss the impact of policy uncertainty on the region's timber industry.

"The hardwood timber industry has for decades suffered with the uncertainty of long-term future log supply for harvesting," Mr Tatnell said.

"Our struggling regional towns need certainty around the hardwood industry policy stance, so we have a future for our kids."

Mr Tatnell has long been outspoken about what he sees as a lack of stability in the timber industry.

He spoke at an industry rally in Granville last year, saying businesses were afraid to expand because they were at the whim of policy changes.

"We live three years at a time and you can't go and invest in a business for three years because you don't get a return in three years," Mr Tatnell said last year.

"The next government could change the rules, it's a real noose around our neck."

At the time, Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders said timber leaders had nothing to fear.

"I'm working very closely with Timber Queensland and Curly Tatnell to make sure that we have a sustainable industry going forward," Mr Saunders said.

"I'm a big supporter of the timber industry and I will continue to make sure we get the best outcome."

Sen Roberts said he was calling for an Office of Scientific Integrity, "to scrutinise science, protect scientists from politicisation, and give all industry players the confidence that the policy is warranted and just."

The senator and Mr Tatnell will address the media this afternoon at Queens Park, opposite the Brolga Theatre.