Why is Gympie council keeping the Information Centre closed?

Letter to the Editor by Robyn Watts

AS A volunteer at the Gympie Information Centre I am at a loss to understand why the Gympie Council is continuing to keep the Info Centre closed.


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Yes we are volunteers and in a lot of cases, “at risk” folk but with most other information centres in the state of Queensland open and in the light of the latest media campaign promoting the Gympie Region, it makes no sense.

Our tourism manager Andrew Saunders and our senior officer tourism Gail McKenzie have worked tirelessly to promote the Gympie region and lots of small businesses just starting out have welcomed the guidance and knowledge passed on by these two people.

Now with the state borders being opened, in most cases, more than ever we need money from outside sources to flood the area and get our businesses up and running and to do that, the Information Centre needs to be opened and doing its part.

Destination Gympie Region Tourism Development Manager Andrew Saunders.
Destination Gympie Region Tourism Development Manager Andrew Saunders.

I would be very interested to know how many locals and also members of the council have ever stepped foot into the Information Centre to see what happens there and to see how many visitors drop in to find out about the region.

It seems that the rest of Queensland values tourism but Gympie does not.

Over the years Gympie has started to be noticed but it feels that once more we will go back to the dark ages.

Robyn Watts, Gympie region

Aerial footage of the Gympie CBD.
Aerial footage of the Gympie CBD.