Becky Lynch was left covered in blood.
Becky Lynch was left covered in blood.

Wild moment WWE star’s ‘face broke’

The Survivor Series dream match between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey is off.

WWE and Lynch say she has a "broken face" that will keep her out of Sunday's pay-per-view. Reports indicate Lynch broke her nose and suffered a concussion while leading the "Smackdown" women in a takeover of "Raw."

The injury came from a wayward Nia Jax punch, so Lynch is no longer cleared to wrestle Rousey in the most-hyped match of the PPV.

Lynch left UFC legend Rousey battered and bruised Monday as she launched a fierce surprise attack on the star backstage.

Lynch then made her way to the ring to seemingly confront Team Raw in the ring before backup arrived from the crowd to launch a fierce assault.

Lynch, who proudly posed in front of the cameras as "Raw" went off air with blood pouring down her face, was immediately checked over by doctors.

Lynch arrived on SmackDown to address the situation and name her replacement - Charlotte - against Rousey.

"You're not the baddest b**** on the planet ... you're the luckiest," said Lynch, who had heavy bruising to her face.


In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Bryan - a major babyface for seven years - low-blowed AJ Styles and hit the running knee to become WWE Champion.

After the match, the crazed Bryan assaulted AJ with boots to the chest and face, confirming an unexpected but effective heel turn.

Now Bryan will face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in the WWE Champion v Universal Champion match.

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