Kimberly Ferguson was sexually assaulted by a stranger while at work on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday night.
Kimberly Ferguson was sexually assaulted by a stranger while at work on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday night. Kimberly Ferguson

'He put his hand up my dress': woman assaulted on Coast

A WOMAN who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a stranger on the Sunshine Coast says it's time women call out men who act inappropriately.

Kimberly Ferguson, 29, was working as an MC at a fundraiser event in Palmwoods on Saturday night, when a man allegedly put his hand up her dress.

"Over the weekend I had a drunk man, a stranger to me, feel that he had the right to put his hand up my dress from behind and between my legs," Ms Ferguson wrote on Facebook.

"I'm putting this up because it, the action of touching or even verbally commenting on ANY woman or ANYONE is NOT OK," she wrote.

"This man ... triggered a chain of events and essentially put a stop to the awesome night we were having. It upset my friends, my workmates and my partner."

Ms Ferguson went home and discussed what happened with her girlfriends and realised all of them had experienced similar inappropriate behaviour during a night out.

"Four women in their 20s, all in the past 30 days sexually objectified. And in some cases in a lot more violent or aggressive ways that what I experienced. WTF?! This is NOT OK," she wrote.

"Why is it so common? Why does it still happen? Why are we subjected to having people sexualise us, objectify us and even PHYSICALLY TOUCH US?!

"The answer is simple, we do not speak out. We do not stand up. We do not say THIS IS NOT OK!"


Picture: Kimberly Ferguson
Picture: Kimberly Ferguson Source: Facebook

She said often women were embarrassed or ashamed to report the incident.

"For me in the past when similar things have happened, I'll be out, I'll have had a few drinks, I'll have think 'I'm overreacting ... people experience way worse things than this, just suck it up'," Ms Ferguson wrote.

"It is NEVER an over-reaction to protect yourself, to stand up for yourself, to defend yourself from someone else's objectification of your being. Never. EVER.

"Someone grabbing you, pinching your bum, referring to you in a derogatory way, a sexualised manner, an off handed sexist 'joke', a shove, a throw, a grab of your boob, a slap on the bum, a sexually loaded stare, a snide remark, a wolf whistle these are NOT OK. EVER. FOR ANYONE.

"As a community we need to say 'NO, THIS IS NOT OK'. This is where more serious abuse, violence, exploitation stems from. This is where they 'got away with it'. This is where 'no harm was done.'

"By allowing, we are encouraging. By not saying anything we are empowering. It has been time to stand up for as long as I can remember but this time, this was one grab too many for my 29 years, I'm standing up. THIS IS NOT OK," she wrote.

Queensland Police confirmed to that a 31-year-old Palmwoods man was charged with sexual assault on Saturday night.

He was ejected from a licensed premises by security and later arrested by police at the scene.

The man will appear in the Maroochydore Magistrate's Court on August 17.